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I pray that my work helps uplift you and your family spiritually and emotionally, and helps you create a peaceful environment that fills you with joy, energy and healing. Read more about my story and my mission here.

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  • Gouache painting of gold and teal leaves reaching towards each other against a dark green background.

    "Gravitate" Original Gouache Painting

    Warm, earthy colors in tones soothing to the eye, "Gravitate" is the perfect piece for the spaces you want to bring a comforting energy to. 

    Recommended for your lounge, study, bedroom or hallway.

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  • Watercolor painting of a bird of paradise flower painted in a loose, impressionist style.

    "In Flight" Original Watercolor Painting

    If you want bright colors and tropical vibes in your space, then this watercolor painting is perfect for you.

    This piece is for those who live life unbound, and look forward to it's next adventure.

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  • Watercolor painting of two hands holding a bright mango that has been cut into to reveal the inside.

    "The Fruit of Out Labor" Original Watercolor Painting

    This watercolor painting of a farmer wearing traditional shalwar kameez cutting open a mango is perfect for adding warmth and interest to your kitchen or dining room. 

    It would also be perfect for adding cultural interest to a cafe or restaurant.

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