My Mission


Home is where your heart is,
Where your family is.
It’s a reflection of who you are,
And who you aspire to be.
It’s where you worship Allah,
And where you marvel at His creation.

I want to help you make your home a place that uplifts you and your family,
A place that brings joy and peace to your heart,
A place that makes you feel closer to Allah.
Your home is where you live your life.

Make life beautiful.

My Story

Photo of Rebecca Khan, a Muslim artist, painting a large, abstract sunflower with watercolors..


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently live in Islamabad, Pakistan. I was always fascinated with art growing up but never thought that I could be an artist myself. My main creative outlet was writing and photography.

And then my son died from leukemia.

Words fell short to describe what I felt at that time. It was as if I needed to find a more basic, more universal method of communication to express the depth of my feeling. While there was definitely a sense of grief and loss that I felt (and will probably continue to feel for the rest of my life) what amazed me was that there was also a depth of POSITIVE feelings as well.

I felt a closeness to God that I had never experienced in my life. I found an acute awareness of the world and a deep sense of connection to the people around me - their pain, their suffering, their quiet hopes and dreams. I was always a bit of an empath, but it felt like I was really able to SEE people in a way I never could before. I was also able to see MYSELF in ways I never could before. This experience put me on a path of spiritual and emotional healing. After years of believing I could only appreciate art as an outsider, a voice spoke up inside of me - how could I believe I couldn’t make art when I never ACTUALLY tried to before?

I discovered that I COULD draw and paint and express myself visually. I read books, attended workshops and took online courses to train myself.

My Inspiration


My main inspirations  is nature: I believe that flowers are a manifestation of Divine Love. Faith and spirituality are very important to me, and I believe that they feature strongly in my work.⁣  I also draw inspiration from the different places I've lived and traveled to - the people, the cultures, the varied rhythms of life.

For me, art was a doorway for me to empower myself spiritually and emotionally.  I believe that the things we place in our homes, the environment we create in our homes (our homes being the very place where we live our lives) has a profound impact on HOW we live our lives.  

The meaning that we subconsciously attach to certain colors, images or words can help us curate an experience in our homes - for ourselves, our family, and anyone who we bring into our space.

I pray that my work helps uplift you and your family spiritually and emotionally, and helps you create a peaceful environment that fills you with joy, energy and healing.

My Values


Because I’m a Muslim, it’s important to me that the materials I work with are Halal. I do my best to ensure that everything from the brushes, to the paints and surfaces are vegetarian or vegan.

I do not paint portraits with faces or complete images of animals for religious reasons.