Bullet Journal Setup Pages for 2023 - Including Freebies!

I'm setting up my new bullet journal for 2023, and I'd love for you guys to design along with me!  Make sure you follow me on social media: TikTok | Instagram | Facebook so you can follow along with what we'll do for each page.
Also, make sure you bookmark my blog because I'll be updating it with freebies and links to products I've used.
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Part 1: Setting up an Aesthetic Front Pocket

Many bullet journals come with a back pocket, but this year, I wanted to put in a front pocket as well.  I plan on using it for anything I need to have on hand for the day such as a recipe I plan on cooking in the evening or directions to a place I'm going to that day, etc.

I also wanted to fill up the blank space with a floral illustration.  This year, I wanted a theme that would honor my Pakistani-American identity.  Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan and the rose is the national flower of the United States.  I really love the way the two look together and I plan on trying to integrate the theme throughout my journal this year.

If you want to use the same illustration in your journal, click on the thumbnail below then save the image on the next page to your computer.
  Lineart Illustration of a rose and jasmine flowers intertwined.

Part 2: Designing a Key Page

I know a lot of people find the Key page to be redundant, especially if you’ve been bullet journaling for a while, but I personally love playing with this page.  

I make the year big and bold so that if I’m going through my old journals, I can easily know which one I’m looking at.

A piece of scrap paper in a coordinating color helps to tie this page in with the pocket on the previous page.  I write the year in word format with loose script because I love the way it looks.  And, of course, I drew a Jasmine flower in the corner as a call back to my Rose and Jasmine theme of this year.

For my key symbols, I use the OG Bullet Journal key, as outlined by Ryder Carol in his book because it’s quick, convenient, and just works!  I know a lot of people like using fancy stencils and shapes, but I need to be able to use my journal on the go.

To download the key page design, click on the thumbnail below, then save the image on the next page to your computer.

A bUllet Journal Key Page with the year 2023 written in bold numbers and words with a line art illustration of Jasmine flowers.

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